Day 62


Ahh. Reminiscing back to the beginning of this shit show…

Fuck you Covid

61 days later I still feel the same. 🤣

Day 55


Today I spent most of the morning working on projects. I had a call at noon. So mom guilt overtook me and I decided to make a cake with my daughter. #briberywillgetyoueverywhere

It’s a Fuck It Cake

So we made a Spice Cake. It’s what we had in the closet. This cake is brought to you by my daughter watching cupcake decorating videos all morning. It’s not pretty. But it tastes good.

Hmm. Somethings missing…

Of course we have ZERO PATIENCE so we cut chunks out of the cake as soon as it was out of the oven and slathered it in Cream Cheese frosting. That meant when it was cool enough to frost for real, the cake was… shorter than it should have been. Also. The middle of my cake totally sunk so that’s where all the frosting is hiding. Middle piece + extra frosting = winning 🤷‍♀️

Pretty much exactly what my daughter looked like. Frosting. Everywhere.

Day 54


Today I got to see my sister for a few minutes. I made her some tea to go. I put it on a table next to my driveway then stood six feet away from that. We chatted for a few minutes with masks on and about ten feet apart. Social distancing sucks.

Marshmallow & Astragalus on the left.
Nettles on the right.

She’s been feeling under the weather and when I talked to her last night I offered to steep her some tea….

Let the steeping commence…

And because I’m a good sister, I tried some of the marshmallow/astragalus this morning to prove that it isn’t totally gross.

Shot of marshmallow/astragalus to start my day.

This batch came out much better. The first time I made marshmallow root tea it was…slimey. 🤮

Fortunately my tea making skills have improved. I took a great herbalism class last year and it surprises me how much I use these teas. Some day I’ll be a full on hedge witch, but for now I just brew up some tea. I honestly hated tea before the class. I had no idea how much better loose leaf teas taste. My favorite is chamomile flower tea. I have a jar of chamomile flowers in my tea cabinet and it’s always the first one I reach for. It tastes like spring time. Marshmallow and Astragalus taste like you are chewing on a tree branch but it sure soothes the throat fast! 😂

Day 53


Dear Teachers,

Thank you.

Thank you for labeling busy work ‘just for fun’ and ‘in case you are bored’. It makes it so much easier to delete and forget. Before it was presented in a way that I always felt I was behind. I do craft projects and play outside with my kids and tell stories and have dance parties in the kitchen and play tag all the damn time. Putting it in their google classroom as an ‘assignment’ does nothing but stress this anxious mom the fuck out. Then rebel mom comes out with a huge ‘fuck the system’ attitude and that’s just not good for anyone.

Burn it all to the ground.
– Rebel Mom

Objectively I realize that there are kids and parents who need reminders to play as a family. That makes me sad. But also, I had a full time work at home job running three businesses before this shit went down. You adding bullshit to my kids to do list is getting in the WAY. Every moment I spend deleting emails and helping my kids wade through assignments is another minute I can’t get my work done. Which takes away from family time. So, just. STOP.

Me. All too often.

Teachers, you have value. Your regular classwork is enough. My kids are learning just fine in their own way. Their assignments are either early or late but never on time. They are on wizard time apparently. 🤷‍♀️

They also run away from the computer the first chance they get to go build forts outside or to go for a bike ride… which is a miracle with gamer kids like mine. So thank you for burning them out on screen time. I raise a toast to you. 😁

Also me. All too often.

Mostly I’m just a mom counting the days ’til the end of the school year. So we can actually enjoy spending time together without distance learning getting in the way.

And teachers. I hope you get some real time off this summer instead of being stuck in meetings and planning sessions. 💜

Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

Day 48


This is how my day is starting:

I am attempting to read through a book on marketing. My daughter is in my lap watching YouTube videos about Super Mario.

Life used to be:

Everyday I’m hustling…

Now it’s:

Everyday I’m juggling…

This is a page in my oldest son’s agenda. He spent almost 12 hours yesterday on and off getting caught up on work. I still have to add new work for this week to his planner. I’m a pretty organized person (stop laughing, I am in my own sideways way 😂) and I’m struggling to keep up with this. I’m an adult (again, stop laughing I totally am) and I’m overwhelmed. How are our kids supposed to manage this? 😫

The level of angst I have over my children’s distance schooling is close to the level I had when I was IN SCHOOL as a child.

Fortunately I am now an ‘adult’ and have….

Cheers to making it halfway through the week!

Day 47

Not a bad day. Not a good day.

My oldest started today FOUR FUCKING DAYS behind on schoolwork. As in this shit was due YESTERDAY. (Yup. I yelled. Repeatedly. This is the child I hand write out the assignments for. Zero excuses. Incidentally. He also gets zero game time moving forward. Funny how that works. 😈 #meanmom)

My daughter is…intense…today. An afternoon quiet time and she’s back to the bubbly side of her personality. Thank goddess.

Middle son is conveniently forgetful about school work. As in: Oh! I’m supposed to turn in things marked ‘assignments’??? I’ve done it a hundred times but this time I didn’t know what to do… 🙄

Husband made me go for a drive. He was right. Don’t tell him. 🤣

An hour of driving the car with the top down running bullshit (but socially distanced) errands felt FANTASTIC. I’m much less cranky.

Anyone else’s house loudly announce KIDS LIVE HERE from at least 30 feet away? There are plastic toys everywhere 😳

I hope you are all surviving well.

We stand together… six feet apart 😘

Day 42

A regular site on my table is a basket full of bandannas and masks.

It’s comforting because I have something to protect my family. 😊

It’s disturbing because there is a need to protect my family. 😫

Today my daughter’s kindergarten class is arranging a google meetup. It’s giving me anxiety and I don’t know why. I haven’t decided if she will participate. It feels like an invasion and I also I don’t want her to miss out.

Day 27

Goes to write in journal this morning…
It’s Tuesday. 
No Wednesday. 
No it’s Tuesday. 
No I wrote Tuesday yesterday. 
Did I mess up yesterday’s entry? 
Checks phone. 
Checks watch. 
No it’s Wednesday. 
Writes the date at the top of the page while mentally repeating 
(anyone else have to sound out Wednesday to spell it right? I’m a grown ass woman. I should just know how to spell it… no? 🤣)
#whatdayisit #lostalltrackoftime

Day 20

My life cart

It holds everything 
My planner
My pens
My projects
The whole house is my office
I roll from room to room
To where the kids are
To where the kids aren’t 

But the cart 
Can’t hold
My sanity
My certainty
My calm
I keep finding
And losing 
These things


And over


Day 12

I have lost the use of my left arm due to there being a child on it. Attempting to one hand type & failing. 

My daughter is emotional AF. She misses her grandma (her favorite person in the whole world). She misses her teachers. She’s 5. She doesn’t understand. So we are going to snuggle for awhile. 

Her brothers are still asleep. They are loving being stuck home. Distance learning starts tomorrow. Fingers crossed that goes well. It took me an hour to setup one child’s chrome book last night as I had to input classroom codes and create new login info for all the sites needed. I’m 90% sure I missed something. 😫