How to move your cursor on your phone keyboard

If you press and hold the space bar on your phones keyboard it enables you to move your cursor through the text. This is so much easier than trying to tap inside the text with your finger!

I’ve only tried it inside of messaging so far. I’ll try it elsewhere and update this post with the results.

Yay! New Techie Tip!

Following a Hashtag on Instagram

Here’s a quick screenshot tutorial on how to follow a hashtag on Instagram

First search for the hashtag you want to follow and click on it (to bring up the search bar, click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app)

Once you have selected the hashtag, a blue FOLLOW button appears. Click it!

Ta-Da! You are now following the hashtag. Followed hashtags will appear in your newsfeed.

Bonus tip. Follow hashtags that your ideal client uses. Every time you like one of their posts, they will receive a notification. (Don’t go back and like every post they’ve made. That’s creepy. 😂)

Changing your Facebook Business Page URL

Here’s a quick screenshot tutorial on how to change the @ name for your Facebook business page on mobile.

Click the three dots in the upper right corner

Select the page header option

Click on your @ name

Change your user name and your URL will be updated as well.