3. The Empress

Tarot Sentence:

Upright: Vitality * creates * with nourishment.

Inverted: Excess * expands * with wildness.

Special Guidance:

MundaneThis is not a time to think, act, or do.  You’re already overloaded and mental pursuits won’t give you what you need.  Further attempts to follow your intellect or reasoning mind will only cause frustration or lead you astray. 

EsotericYou are in a reorientation period.  If you have neglected to heed your feelings or intuitive faculties, you will be prevented from utilizing you intellectual resources until the balance is restored.  Thought must learn to unite with feeling, and in this case, feelings must lead.

Best Course of Action: Heed your feelings or instincts and not your intellect, and learn to trust you feelings more.

Outcome: Expect delays or postponements…but there is a promise of future success.

Keywords: nature, beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, comfort, creativity, fruitfulness, pregnancy, abundance, sensuality

Reversed: stubbornness, laziness

Archetype: The source of all creation.

Astrological Sign: Taurus, Libra

Planet: Venus

Hebrew Letter: Daleth

Element: Earth, Air


I nurture my creative potential as a gateway for my highest personal fulfillment.  I give love and support to others to express my feelings of inner peace, and accept their beauty and affection with wisdom.

I am feminine power, blossoming fertility, and creative abundance.

I am unconditional love; I cherish & nurture people/projects, providing a sound foundation for their continuing growth.

I am passion; I have experienced the power of emotion and sensation; I courageously embrace life’s pleasure & pain.

I know the joy of giving and receiving; my love is a source of healing and renewal for myself and others.

I love wisely; I have learned to encourage growth without dominating or over-protecting the people in my care.

Gem: Rose Quartz, Coral

Rune:  Fehu – Possessions

2. The High Priestess

Tarot Sentence:

Upright: Mystery * unveils * with wisdom.

Inverted: Secrecy * conceals * with jealousy.

Special Guidance:

MundaneOnce you make a decision or decide upon a goal, make a commitment to it and let nothing divert you from it or keep you from attaining it.  Recognize the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and cut them off.

EsotericThis is a gestation period.  Changes are taking place on the inner planes, and at the appropriate time, these new energies will be released and you will spring back into full force.

Best Course of Action: Visualize the desired result as an accomplished fact, and act as if you are already what you want to be and you shall be.

Outcome: Help will come if you need it, and things are going to turn out quite differently than you anticipate.  You can also expect a pleasant surprise or two.

Keywords: hidden knowledge, secrets, mystery, the unrevealed future, silence, tenacity, wisdom, science

Reversed: passion, moral or physical ardor, conceit, surface knowledge

Archetype: The enigmatic keeper of spiritual secrets.

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Planet: The Moon

Hebrew Letter: Gimel

Element: Water


In searching my inner darkness I discover the foundation of my outer knowing.  My integrity grows from intuition and perception.

I am feminine wisdom, in touch with the natural rhythms of life.

I trust my inner vision and intuition; I find the time to quietly retreat and access my inner wisdom.

I have experienced life’s joy and life’s pain; I have learned to find balance in the midst of fluctuating feelings.

I strip away illusion, bringing memories, inner conflicts, hidden influences, and motivations to the light.

I have access to wisdom beyond the power of words; I value and respect my insight and intuition.

Gem: Pearl, Emerald

Rune: Othala – Separation

1. The Magician

Tarot Sentence:

Upright: Skill * wills * with design.

Inverted: Craft * manipulates * with deception

Special Guidance:

MundaneA situation has been (or soon will be) presented that has all the inherent components of the manifestation of your desires.  Take the best from it or move on it, because it is through this that a new potential will emerge.

EsotericYou are only at the very first stage of your development and you must understand your place in the Cosmic Scheme of things.  The Universe always gives more than you can conceive of or ask for…all you have to do is accept more.  “Thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee.”

Best Course of Action: The result will be up to you.  It depends entirely upon your intention, and desire, or how much you want it.

Outcome: You are going to begin again on a new foot, or with a new partner.

Keywords: initiation, talent, skill, will, power, cunning, self-confidence

Reversed: misuse of gifts and talents, trickery, sleight of hand

Archetype: The skilled and cunning master of all he surveys.

Astrological Sign: Gemini, Virgo

Planet: Mercury

Hebrew Letter: Beth

Element: Air, Earth


I concentrate without effort, pay attention, and transform work into play, thereby communicating magical talents through my clarity of self.

I am dynamic changing creation; I play freely with my thoughts, feelings, inspirations, and sensations.

I am creative, focused attention, committed to acting on my ideas and inspirations.

I am open to life’s powerful energy; I allow it to flow freely through me.

I am versatile and flexible; I work with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual materials available to me in whatever place I happen to be.

I allow others to see my creative experiments; I communicate my changing thoughts, feelings, ideas, and perceptions.

Gem: Tigereye, Gold

Rune: Ansuz – Signals

0. The Fool

Tarot Sentence:

Upright: Spirituality * progresses * with impracticality

Inverted: Ignorance * wanders * with danger.

Special Guidance:

MundaneOf yourself, you don‘t know what you need, or what will bring happiness in the long run.  If you let go of all you think you want or need, “want” will also go, and in its place you‘ll find its objective…happiness.

Esoteric“The kingdom of heaven is within you.” Talk things over with God.  The more you do, the more clearly you’ll understand His guidance (as a natural inner urging) and the way in which He responds.

Best Course of Action: Release wants, cares, or worries and “let go, let God.”  Don’t hang on to an idea or support system out of fear of failure or loss.

Outcome: That which you are in need of will be given or come to pass, although it may not come in the form you think you want or need.

Keywords: individuation, beginnings, innocence, freedom, spontaneity, originality, eccentricity, adventure, idealism, youth.

Reversed: folly, foolishness, ineptitude, carelessness, stupidity, negligence, distraction, apathy

Archetype: The happy wanderer who sees the world through the eyes of a child.

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Planet: Uranus

Hebrew Letter: Aleph

Element: Air


The truth and radiance of my inner child will guide me through unlimited possibilities as I venture out into the unknown world.

I am limitless energy, a spirit on the path of life in search of new experience.

I am unlimited potential, open to change and unknown possibilities

I am fresh beginnings, the first steps of a new journey or undertaking.

I am a risk taker, willing to leap into the unknown, an adventurer, an investigator, a courageous explorer of the unfamiliar.

I am true to myself, playful, spontaneous, happy-go-lucky, willing to appear foolish, innocent or naïve while pursuing my own unique way.

Gem: Rock Crystal, Opal

Rune: Mannaz – The Self

Card of the Day 03.04.20

Take a moment to reconnect with your body. What does is need?

Is it hungry? Feed it.

Is it thirsty? Water it.

Don’t be a terrible houseplant.

– Ask Body

Deck used: The Threads of Fate Oracle

Card of the Day 02.28.20

Soul Work


Take some time today to check in with yourself. Are you live a life of purpose? Are you working towards your goals?


Deck used: The Threads of Fate Oracle

Card of the Day 02.27.20


Let it go. It’s dead and of no more value you to you. It’s time to make space for new growth in your life.


I am important

Everyday I look in a mirror and say

“I am important.”

This is a hard exercise for me but it has brought to light some startling thought patterns.

When I was a child I was ready to die. In my daydreams I would bravely sacrifice myself to save my sister or my dog or just about anyone.

This has followed me into adulthood. I sacrifice myself for my kids, my friends, even for people I barely know. I’ve given away my knowledge, my time, and my energy anytime someone has asked me for help.

I’d love to say I’m going to stop this sacrificing cold turkey but it’s a process. Being an over-helper is a habit I have to break. I need boundaries. And I need to continue to tell myself in every reflective surface I see… I. Am. IMPORTANT