Recollections To Do Planner: Basic

Yesterday I got the new planner itch so I headed to Michael’s. I’ve been using a happy planner for about 7 months but I was on the hunt for a wire bound planner. I like opening my planner all the way around. I found a basic bitch planner that has good bones so I’m giving it a shot. It won’t be basic for long since I’m extra AF. 🤣

9 x 11.5 in
Storage Pouch
The ONLY dated pages in this 😱
Important Dates & Contacts. I doubt I’ll use this.

Ooooh. Included VISION BOARD

It includes several pages of stickers. Mostly functional.

Nice little double folder included….


The entire rest of this planner is week on one page blanks. 😱

week on one page!

And here’s the back…

so basic but sturdy cover

I went with the week on one page because I’m tired of having to spread my planner wide all over my damn desk to see my week. This way I can flip the cover back and see my whole week. I’ll post updates when I jazz this bitch up. 🤣

Happy Planner add on: Watercolor Paper

I love Franken Planning!

In my very first happy planner, I took outdated calendar pages and mixed media’d all over them to make backgrounds for art journaling.


I’ve been using them as backgrounds for lettering practice.

But I wanted some heavier paper in my planner for Watercolor play.

First I traced an old divider as a template.


Then I cut it out & used the happy planner punch to add it to my Franken Planner 😍


Ta-Da! 💃🏻

Washi Edged Happy Planner Pages

I saw someone had done this so I had to try it. I’m hoping it helps with the chewed pages issue.

Before. An out of date page to experiment on.

I ran washi down the punches side of the page.

I covered the opposite side with a scrap piece of paper to catch the bits of washi so it wouldn’t jam the hole punch.

Ta! Da! A happy planner page with a washi edge.

Happy Planner Reboot

Ugh. I caved. I bought a new happy planner. I blame my craft store enabler. 😂

It’s so PRETTY

Here’s my last happy planner. I liked the customizing options but I hated the way my pages got eaten.

The remnants of two planners I cobbled together.

The new planner is 2019 only. So I stole an unused month from the remains of the previous two planners.

I washi-d the top and stickered over the dates.

And worked my way through the rest of December.

In my old happy planner I had art journaled some out of date months so I added those in too.

I’m also experimenting with building my own dividers. 😁

So the bitchy planner has returned to happy planning. Guess I’m a happy bitch planner now. 😂😂😂

Righteous Zombie Spooky Mail

Holy amazingness it’s here!

New spooky washi, in cute bags with extra sequins 😍

Look at all those stickers! 😱

Bonus die cuts. The reaper is my fave I think. 🖤🖤

Grace date markers. Skull checkboxes. I used a pr code (mikayla20) to get a discount on my order and I got her sampler too!

Try not to kill anyone. Habit trackers. Dead date night. Plan it stickers. Clean the castle. Zombie laundry.

All of these are AMAZING

Check out the rest of their stuff here: Righteous Zombie Shop